How to Calculate Shipping

If you plan to have your order shipped to your business or residence, there's an easy way to calculate your shipping. Use these easy steps to figure out how much you'll have to pay:

1. Add Items to Your Cart

Add items to your cart as your normally would. Make sure to check the quantities for each of the items.

2. Click on "Checkout"

Click on the "Checkout" button or link on any page to begin the shipping calculation. Don't worry, you won't have to enter any credit card or payment information in order to calculate your shipping.

3. Enter Your Billing Information

Enter your billing information for the checkout process. Again, we will not collect your credit card or payment information unless you actually finish the checkout process. Click the "Next" button.

4. Enter Your Shipping Information

If your shipping address is the same as your billing address, you can simply check the "Use Billing Address" box. If your shipping information is different from your billing address, you'll need to enter that information. Click the "Next" button.

5. Shipping is Calculated

Our system will calculate the shipping charges for your order. You can view these charges under the details section of your shopping cart. Shipping is listed as "Freight Charge" in your shopping cart.