Tomahawk Square Bale Hay Spear Frame

Part No.: 3044
Weight: 185 lbs.
If you live or work on a farm, then you probably know how difficult it can be to move large square hay bales. Make that job easier with the Tomahawk Square Bale Hay Spear Frame. The three long removable main spears allow your skid steer to easily pick up large square bales. The sturdy tubular steel frame is built for years of use. We think you’ll find the Tomahawk Square Bale Hay Spear Frame an indispensable attachment for your skid steer!
  • 1/4"x3"x3" Tubular Steel Frame 
  • 39" Removable Main Spears (3)
  • 1800 lb. Weight Rating
New Item!
  • 1-4: $482.00
  • 5+: $401.00
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